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Spot Polyethylene trading started the week slowly, but turned up the heat as the week wore on; all in all, transacted volumes could still be described as only average. Deal making became more difficult as asking prices for some PE grades had been inching higher. Buyers that needed material were forced to pay up, while others that did not feel pressure to procure were happy to sit on the sidelines not sensing any real threat of a long term bullish... [More]
After a very strong start to the month, which saw soaring monomer prices fuel short-term resin demand, PP trading slowed substantially this past week. PP prices had been climbing along with monomer and began to crimp demand from those that could afford to wait out the increases. There was the potential for another sharp PP contract increase for June, some of which has been relieved from the recently deflating PGP levels. Prices along the PP suppl... [More]
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